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ISSA Construction Section Standing Orders - Means of Action

(Art. 3)

  • In order to achieve the objectives described in Article 2 the Section shall take the following measures in particular :
    • Improvement of occupational safety and health in the construction industry (civil engineering) by means of, for example :
      • training and continuing education,
      • public relations work,
      • educational concepts and training for instructors,
      • advise for enterprises, institutions and individuals,
      • development of prevention strategies.
    • Exchange of information with bodies dealing with social security and publication of this information.
    • Set up technical committees and working groups.
    • Organization of international symposia, conferences and seminars, together with international meetings of the technical committees and working groups.
    • Implementation of surveys and studies.
    • Promotion of research activities.
    • Cooperation with other International Sections of the ISSA.
    • Promotion of the involvement of newly industrialized and third world countries in the work of the Construction Section.
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