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ISSA Construction Section Competition - IMHOTEP - Presentation

Innovation Prize IMHOTEP

IMHOTEP and the Construction

ISSA Construction Section's international competition rewards prizwinners with an IMHOTEP trophy.

  • Why this name and who is IMHOTEP?

This name has not been selected at random. Imhotep was an exceptional man. Egyptian architect of the first level pyramid (in Saqqarah) that has been raised for Pharaoh Djeser for 4800 years, he was also a sage and a doctor.

As such, Imhotep already had concern for workers' health, safety and well-being.

He had understood that a healthy worker is an efficient worker. He introduced a working organization with teams, work schedules, rules, supply and maintenance of tools, lodging and food, holidays and medical health care.

Then safety was often in gods' hands and he chose to act to ameliorate the working conditions for the realization of a building project.

To us, IMHOTEP seems to be a symbol of will and intelligence at the service of health and safety in the construction.

Since that time, although significant technical progress has been achieved, this activity sector still remains dangerous.

For that reason it is important that many people become aware of all existing improvements.

The IMHOTEP Competition is an opportunity to make known, promote, implement and apply in other countries all Good Innovative Prevention Practices available in the world!

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